Saturday, February 10, 2007


Stop Lights Revisited

I told my co-worker about the Scientologist and the stop light and she told me that when she was a kid, she and her siblings would chant at stop lights in order to get them to turn green as they approached. Often, this seemed to work. Incidentally, my co-worker is not a Scientologist.

I was thinking more about "The Secret," specifically about the part that says to only ask the universe for what you want once, because if you ask more than once, that means you don't believe the universe will deliver. I can't buy this. I think that asking more than once helps to cement your decision in your mind. It gives you the belief you need and gives you the opportunity to readjust your desires, if necessary. According to that book chapter I referenced on thickening thought forms, the act of repeating your desire made it stronger and signaled to the universe that you were really serious about bringing your wish into reality. This continual feedback also serves as a protective function. We wouldn't want all of the stuff we think about to come true instantly. Think about all the craziness that goes through your head when you're extremely mad. We'd be in for a mess if it was made manifest.

So, go ahead and ask more than once if you feel the need. If nothing else, the sheer repetition will provide you with the belief that your wish will be granted. Wish well.

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