Thursday, February 08, 2007


The Scientologist and the Stop Light

It's been an interesting day on the thickening thought forms front. Let me 'xplain.

This morning, my husband told me about a newspaper article he saw posted at college. It talked about a Scientologist who believed she could change stop lights at will because of her religious beliefs.

It gets better.

I caught most of Oprah today, missing just the first fifteen minutes, or so. She had on several guests who were teachers of "The Secret." "The Secret," apparently, is a collection of ideas presented in movie and book form on how to fully realize the dreams and goals of your life. There were three steps to "The Secret." 1. Ask. But only ask the universe (God, whatever) for what you want once. 2. Believe. If you ask more than once, you don't believe your desire will come to you. (Your waffling also confuses the universe, so throw your entire belief into it.) 3. Receive.

The speakers on Oprah talked about how to look at stuck situations in your life from a different perspective and that will change everything. Specifically, they suggested that we own up to our part in creating the sticky situation, to ask the situation what it has to teach us, to let go of whatever is holding us back, and to have gratitude for the good things we have. I've seen this idea of concentrating on the good things in life before, most notably in the Conversations with God books by Neale Donald Walsch. What you focus on gets bigger, so if you focus on lack, you will lack more. If you focus on abundance, you will get abundance.

The idea of asking the universe to grant your wishes and then believing that what you wish for is coming your way (albeit, you aren't going to know exactly how your wish will be granted), was presented to me in a book on dreams many years ago. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the book, but I was so taken by a particular chapter that I copied it at the time. I recently ran across this chapter, called "The Theory of Thickening Thought Forms," and reread it. The universe rushes to assist intention and action, therefore, you're supposed to get very clear about what you want, state that intention, believe that it's coming to you and let it happen.

So, can a Scientologist really change a stop light? Perhaps . . . .

I can tell you that when I behave as though I'll get my heart's desire, it has happened, but never quite in the way I've imagined it.

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