Sunday, September 10, 2006


Frankensteining the Talent Pool

I mentioned my original idea for a tagline - Frankensteining the Talent Pool - and I need to explain that. It's a game the whole family can play. When it comes to famous creative people, have you ever had the notion that a particular star should work with another star? I'm always wanting to do this.

For example, what would be the result if Gwen Stefani and Michael Buble worked together? I caught Buble's Public Television show and that man can romance an audience. He even draws in those who are sitting in the upper balconies. He's smooth, with a voice of liquid satin.
(I've got Buble's website up and his music is playing as I type. Sweet! Why don't more musicians do this?)

Ms. Stefani, who gained her fame with the quirky ska-esque group No Doubt, has a wider range than her No Doubt and solo work. She appeared on The Brian Setzer Orchestra's album The Dirty Boogie. Song 7 - You're the Boss. Go ahead. Have a listen. She's fabulous & playful. A sexy kitten vixen. A perfect match for Buble's style.

That's Frankensteining the Talent Pool.

I'll be posting more of these ideas and I encourage you to do the same. Who do you want to Frankenstein?

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