Friday, September 29, 2006


Why blog?

My brilliant, insightful husband asked me a good question yesterday. He asked me why I started a blog. I would absolutely be lying if I said this wasn't an ego trip on some level. Any writer who writes and expects to have her writing read by anyone but God has to have some sort of ego, especially to survive the inevitable critiques that are sure to come her way. But, there's more to this than ego. As a writer, this is one format for my writing that allows me to put stuff out there that isn't necessarily all polished up. The blog also allows me to present snippets of writing (ideas, commentary, opinions) that would not be marketable in another format. I mean, really, where in heaven's name would I be able to explore Frankensteining the Talent Pool?

I also blog because I'm just plain ornery. Being published is every writer's dream, but finding a publisher can be a difficult thing. Here is an opportunity to be published and find an audience without having to depend on someone else to sanctify my work.

The blog gives me a web presence. I also like messing with technology, and learning the ins and outs of blogging is fun. That's paydirt in and of itself.

I take my blogging very seriously because I know that there is an audience out there. Whether that audience is 4 people, 40 people or 400,000 people, every one of you reading this deserves my respect and gratitude. The blog gives me a voice and you are the listeners.

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