Friday, August 17, 2007


The Universe Is Taunting Me

The Universe is taunting me. I've decided I want to work with the Dave Matthews Band (DMB) on a project. How's that for ambitious? And practically impossible? So, of course, that's what I want to do. I, who never goes anywhere, went to St. Paul in July for a digitization workshop at the Minnesota Historical Society. (Forgive me for repeating myself. I’ve already posted about this.) My hotel was the Holiday Inn River Centre, just down the hill a couple blocks away. Kitty-corner from the hotel is the Excel Energy Center. When I got home from three days worth of workshop, I went online and discovered that DMB had played a private concert for Best Buy in the Excel Energy Center a mere two days before I was in St. Paul.

It gets better. Hubby and I are going to Atlanta September 5 - 9 for an annual meeting/conference/awards banquet related to my work. My brother, who lived in Atlanta for 9 months, suggested I visit the Piedmont Park area of the city. He said it was refurbished by members of the gay community and it's a congenial neighborhood. (Don’t you just love how gays refurbish and revitalize blighted areas? I realize that not all gays are good with interior and exterior design, but enough of them are that the generalization sticks, and we’re all the better for their work.) Okay, fine, add a walk through Piedmont Park to the gotta do while in Atlanta list. So I go online last night and check the DMB website. There's a new announcement posted, a contest to win tickets to a DMB/Allman Brothers concert in Atlanta on September 8 - the night of the awards banquet. Guess where it's being held? Piedmont Park. The Universe is totally fucking with me, I tell you.

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