Monday, March 26, 2007


FtTP - John Waters & Quentin Tarantino - NOT!

I've not posted a Frankensteining the Talent Pool suggestion in some time, and today I'm doing an anti-FtTP. I saw the movie director John Waters on a commercial last night. He's going to be hosting a TV show. Waters is best known for his movie Pink Flamingos, which has to be seen to be believed. It is definitely not for children, and frankly, it's not a movie for most adults, either. After the Waters commercial, I saw a movie trailer for Quentin Tarantino, who is known for bizarre, psychotic violence in his movies. Seeing the two in such close proximity, I wondered what a movie directed by the both of them would look like. And then I really thought about it and decided that the world probably doesn't need two crazy creepo creatives teaming up to unleash their twisted ideas upon each other or the rest of us. Makes me shudder to think about it.

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