Monday, December 04, 2006


FtTP - Steffan Lessard + Steve Vai

I haven't posted a Frankensteining the Talent Pool in a while, so here's one worth considering: Steve Vai, guitar genius, with Stefan Lessard, supposed wunderkind. I say supposed because Lessard (a.k.a. "Fonzy") joined Dave Matthews Band when he was sixteen, so the guy's obviously got talent. Trouble is, every one else in DMB is so talented that Lessard's bass line is more often than not overshadowed by the other instruments. (A hint of his ability comes through on the song "Hunger for the Great Light," for which he wrote the guitar line.) I'd like to pull Lessard from the group just to see what he's got. Why would I put him with Steve Vai? I think the personalities of the two would compliment each other. Also, Vai is very good at allowing each instrument to shine, including the bass.

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