Tuesday, December 19, 2006


FtTP - Beck + Sonic Youth

This just in from my bro - a suggestion for Frankensteining the Talent Pool. I'll let him take the stage . . . .

Okay Seester Mary...let me know what you think about this FtTP suggestion...
Beck & Sonic Youth
It would be interesting to see what could be produced by the fertile minds of Beck & Thurston Moore et. al. My biggest fear is that, at worst, it would be like any one of those crappy all-star B-movies that you see on TV as filler. Personally, I think it would be one of the coolest musical mind-blowing experiences ever.

Can't say as I know diddly bupkis about Sonic Youth, or how they'd sound with Beck, but I like it when people share their FtTP ideas with me. Rock on, bro!

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