Friday, November 24, 2006


Techie Share-fest

Now that I'm bloated from Chicken-Ham-Stuffing-Cheesecake Day, followed by another day of non-stop eating (mmm, pumpkin pie!), I'm feeling mighty lazy about blogging. I do have something to be eternally thankful for - my family of brilliant conversationalists. We keep up a running conversation that bounces from religion to politics to creative ventures to education to economics to the workings of the mind and back again. Rarely is there a lull in our discussion - maybe just long enough to grab more food.

We did venture into new topic territory this time around. We exchanged our experiences with technology. I showed a few family members my blog. One asked whether everyone on the internet could access it - Yes! - and then pondered how detrimental a blog could be for employment purposes, thinking that a blogger could reveal too much personal information. That is definitely a danger, but I consider myself a writer and I have to watch pretty much everything I say that I intend for public consumption. I treat my blog this way, too. It goes with the territory.

One family member is revamping a website and we exchanged ideas about that. There was also discussion about hooking up the internet to a big screen, something I blogged about here. In general, we had a techie share-fest, passing along information that each of us has learned, but that the others hadn't yet heard about. A few of us even took a fieldtrip to Radio Shack and had a good look around. I found a nifty password protection device, plus we oohed and aahed over all the other gadgets we found. It's enough to make a head spin, which is why none of us knows everything we need to know about technology and why the share-fest was so important.

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