Sunday, September 24, 2006


Password Key

In publishing a blog, I've discovered that there are all these services one needs to sign up with in order to really immerse one's self in the blogging community. With every service, one needs to enter a user name and password. It's getting darned hard to keep track of them all. Of course, to be on the safe side, passwords must change from site to site and include not only letters, but numbers or punctuation marks. It's driving me crazy, so I came up with an idea that I want some tech genius to run with.

Can't someone please invent a password key that looks like a Flash drive? (I like to call Flash drives Lipstick drives because the first one I saw reminded me of a tube of lipstick.) The Password Drive would plug into a USB port and collect passwords when they are entered into websites. The website address would be recorded along with the password. These Password Drives would have to be heavily encrypted, so if one went missing, someone couldn't easily hack it. Also, there'd have to be a service that would backup your recorded passwords, once again as insurance in case the thing got stolen. This service would help you to change passwords before the thief could do any dammage. I'd also build a little program into the Password Drive that would clear the cache or temporary memory of whatever computer the Password Drive was used on. This way, when using public computers, those passwords wouldn't get left behind.

Who's up for producing this million-dollar idea? If you want the idea, it's yours. If you got the idea from me and run with it and become wealthy, just be sure to mention me as your idea source - no other strings attached.

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