Wednesday, October 04, 2006


FtTP - Stephen Colbert + Gil Grissom

I received the following Frankensteining the Talent Pool suggestion from a reader, who gave me permission to post it, but didn't say whether to include a name with the post.

"I was talking with my friend [name removed] on the internet, and we got to talking about perfect personality combinations. We decided that a combination between gil Grissom and Stephen Colbert would be ideal, especially for politics. Combine Colbert's wit, political experience, and poputlarity with Grissom's calm, extremely intelligent and respectable demeanor, and you get the perfect politician to get things done right the first time in Washington. It's just a thought we came up with late last night..."

I believe this is our first FtTP that pairs a fictional character with a real person. Although, Stephen Colbert certainly dons a fictional persona for The Colbert Report, and I have a feeling that William Petersen, the actor who plays Gil Grissom on CSI, is as calm and put together as his character is. Thanks, Reader (and friend) for your suggestion.

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