Saturday, September 30, 2006



I had a nice chat with my brother today. He's a security expert in the technical realm. When I mentioned my password key idea, he gave me a few more resources that shows this has already been done. He said that people can save their passwords on an encrytion-enabled Flash Drive (a.k.a. thumb drive, lipstick drive) and track their passwords using a free internet service called KeePass.

So, why is my blog post entitled "Resentment?" Because this technology has obviously been out there for a while and I resent not having heard about it. I'm a reasonably well-informed individual, as reasonably well-informed as any one person can be given the amount of information there is out there. I try to keep up with technology via my Wired magazine subscription, by coasting around the internet, listening to the news, watching T.V., and reading, reading, reading, yet I'm still behind. Maybe I wouldn't feel such resentment if techies didn't seem quite so blasé about what's happening in their world. Tech advances may be old news to them, but I didn't get the memo. Did you?

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