Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Password Key Update

It's been done. No more than two days ago, I posted an idea for a password key that would operate like a Flash Drive. Today, at work, to my shock and awe, the Sr. Vice President of Product Development of Motion Computing, an Austin, Texas, company, came in carrying a nifty little tablet PC that functions pretty much like a regular computer. No keyboard, but there is a pen for entering info. I was curious about the tablet, so I asked John Doherty (the VP himself!) a few questions. It's produced by Motion Computing, so no surprise that John had one. He showed me a few features and I told him about my Password Drive idea. He said that such a thing has already been created. In fact, his tablet had such a feature, but it was way cooler than my idea. It uses a thumbprint reader as security for both the computer and the password management feature. How James Bond is that?

John also mentioned that there is a company called Softex (also based in Austin, TX) that manufactures something called the Omnipass that works like my Flash/Password Drive idea. Unfortunately, the Read More links on Softex's website didn't work when I selected them, and the image on the front page makes the drop down menus wonky (I can't see them!) Also, when I did get a product page, it was all description and no pictures. It appears as though Softex caters to a big company sort of clientele, rather than to individual consumers. No prices, no shopping carts, so it looks as though their technology hasn't filtered down to the unwashed masses, yet.

Motion Computing's tablet PCs, however, seem very accessible. Their website features photos, descriptions, prices, and the all-important Buy button. The tablets are a little pricey, yet. But what do you expect for James Bond technology? Q is alive and well and living at Motion Computing.

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