Friday, September 08, 2006



I'm sticking my toe in the water - deciding whether to get my feet wet. I've had an idea for a blog for well over a year. What's taken me so long? The name. Of course. I had a screwy placeholder name written in my notebook because I couldn't come up with something decent. The name, I hate to admit, was Neezuls. Sounds very Winnie-the-Pooh-esque, doesn't it? A little dorky, too.

I had a very focused idea for this blog of mine, which I'll describe in a later post. And an appropriate name finally came to me: Splice. I loved it. I even had a great tagline: Frankensteining the Talent Pool. Could I leave it at that? No! I wanted to be able to expound on more than my very focused idea.

Back to the drawing board. I thought I could just change the tagline, but the thing was slippery. I couldn't come up with anything. Well, it wasn't that I couldn't come up with anything, but that I couldn't sum up what I wanted to say in a pithy, witty line. You'll note that the one I'm using for the time being is pretty lame. (The building blocks of Creativity.)

As I messed with the tagline, I decided that the name of the blog should change. Here's the deal: I'm enamored with creativity - what makes people creative, how they can enhance their creativity, what is the nature of creativity - stuff like that. Creativity for me is about filtering all of these vast experiences that come hurtling at me and then splicing them together to create something new. Hence, Filter & Splice.

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