Sunday, September 30, 2007


Who in Their Right Mind?

This past Thursday was the season premiere of CSI. The final show of last season had Sara Sidle stuck under an overturned car in the desert. She looked dead. A psychopathic woman put her in this position. The season premiere, of course, picked up where the story left off. (Wouldn't it be killer if they didn't & just left us hanging?)

As I was watching, I started mentally recounting how many of the CSIs have been kidnapped or put into other nasty situations:

Nick Stokes - kidnapped and buried alive in a Plexiglas box
Gil Grissom - hunted by a psychopath
Catherine Willows - slipped a date-rape drug, wakes up in a hotel room with no memory of what happened
Greg Sanders - tries to save a person being attacked, ends up killing someone, gets sued by family

Add to this a lab explosion and other nasty job pressures and you have to start wondering, who on earth would want to go into this line of work?

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