Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Centennial Olympic Park

I'm still playing catch-up after our trip to Atlanta, so to make things easy tonight, I'm going to post more pictures. Across the street from our hotel was the Centennial Olympic Park, which as a fun fountain of spray jets that issue forth from the Olympic rings embedded into a large brick plaza. (There are memorial bricks all along the plazas and walking paths in this park.) Atlanta is hot and people are encouraged to enter this particular fountain, but not the others in the park. Unfortunately, the evening we had our camera, there were no people in the fountain. Watching little kids in it was the best. The spray jets do a variety of things - sometimes going full bore, at other times spraying in bursts or patterns. Before they blow, you can hear a hissing sound and then a phoomp! Here are photos showing several views.

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