Monday, September 17, 2007


Behold! A Coffee Cup!

Okay, this is my last story from Atlanta - at least for now, unless something reminds me of the trip again.

On Thursday, September 6, on the first day of the museum conference, there was a special treat planned. Cokie Roberts was due to speak right before lunch. My hubby and I were keen to hear her. I had a couple of morning sessions to attend. Hubby wasn't interested in the museum sessions, so he found a spot to sit and read in one of the hotel's public areas.

After my second morning session, my husband came into the conference room and handed me a paper coffee cup. From Starbucks, no less. I looked at it and said, "So?" And he grinned and told me the story of The Cup. He had been sitting in an area with several clusters of chairs and tables. Minding his own business. Reading. There were three people in the next cluster over, two men and a woman. He didn't pay much attention to the group, until they got up. He noticed that they had left their garbage all over the table. Upon their leaving, he recognized the woman. She was Cokie Roberts. And she'd left her coffee cup on the table. My husband, cheeky guy that he is, picked up Cokie Roberts' coffee cup. As a souvenir. To keep forever. In a shrine. With an up-light. And a picture of Cokie. The thing you have to know about my husband is that he is not impressed by fame for fame's sake. For him, this is all a laugh-riot, poking a little fun at those who take fame too seriously. So, now we have Cokie Roberts' paper coffee cup sitting on top of our kitchen cupboards. Awaiting the enshrining.

By the way, if you ever have a chance to hear Cokie speak, jump. She's witty and intelligent and fun to listen to. Gracious, too.

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