Saturday, July 21, 2007


Call Me Sneezy

Just call me Sneezy. Okay, I'm not particularly sneezy at the moment, but I was pretty close earlier this afternoon. I cleaned our bedroom, top to bottom, side to side, including under the bed. Eldest Son helped me flip the mattress. We'll be having Happy Clean Sheet Day in a short while, when I remake the bed. Let me tell you, there are two things that don't mix - cat hair and faux velvet. Actually, the trouble is that they mix too well. Why are the backs of some photo frames and the bags for cell phones and MP3 players so often made of black faux velvet? I am not impressed with this material. It does nothing to add to the value of the goods. It just collects dust and cat hair and causes no end of aggravation in cleaning. Down with faux velvet!

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