Monday, June 25, 2007


Let's Get Physical

It's a landmark birth year for me, so I scheduled a physical, which I had today. There are always those terribly uncomfortable bits to physicals - the poking, the prodding, the checking of orifices, the drawing of blood. I find that it helps to get through the process with a minimum of discomfort by being of very scientific mind about the whole thing. Sort of mentally removing myself from the process by thinking, what am I going to learn today about this here specimen? I learned today that my delicate bone structure means that my shoulder muscles aren't very sturdy, which is why they tend to get sore easily. The doctor gave me some strengthening exercises to do. I also learned that if you are well hydrated, it's much easier for the lab tech drawing blood to find a vein. I always thought I had hard-to-find veins because most of the times I've had blood draws I was dehydrated from morning sickness. Now I know better. I'm pretty much ship-shape, thankfully, but still have a mammogram to go through at the end of the week. Then I'll be good to go.

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