Sunday, June 24, 2007


Hans Blix & the Weapons Inspectors

Yesterday we spent the day at a community festival. I was most interested in seeing a particular attraction - a fiddle contest to be accompanied by a blue grass band called Hans Blix and the Weapons Inspectors. Other than loving blue grass, what attracted me was the name of the band. When Hans Blix was forever in the news prior to the Iraq War, I'd hear his name and run around saying, "Hans Blix! Hans Blix!" several times. It's such a happy, fairy tale-esque name. So, of course, I had to go see this band. Turns out I knew one of the members and had glancing acquaintance with a couple of the others. They did a fabulous job and the fiddle contest was a treat. We skipped out on the very end, the announcing of the winners, so we could get a little fresh air (it was roasting under the tent) and hook up with our kids.

Later in the day we caught the fireworks display. Watching all the smoke drift off from the exploded fireworks makes me wonder if it contributes in any way to our weather. That's a lot of particulate matter being thrown into the air just from one display. Imagine the accumulated amounts from displays all over the world.

For your curiosity - here's a link to a photo of the real Hans Blix.

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