Saturday, June 16, 2007


Blog Housekeeping

Now that I'm online, I feel obligated to post something, anything, just so I don't miss the opportunity and then not get around to it later today. That's the way posting goes sometimes. So, not being able to come up with anything right away, I did a bit of blog housekeeping, dropped a few links on my sidebar, added a couple new ones, shuffled a couple around, got rid of the "How Much Is This Blog Worth?" widget.

One of the new blogs I've found is Reeva Dubois: Very Much the Queen Bee. He has an engaging style that hooked me right away. Humorous, too.

The good news, first gotten from Kim at Knit Whimsies, and then from Joanne herself at Poppy Seed Heart, is that Joanne had her baby. My daughter and I have been reading her blog faithfully to check her pregnancy progress and all is well. The baby is a boy, named Declan, and he and Mommy can be seen on Poppy Seed Heart. Congrats to Joanne and Hone!

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