Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Department of Homeland Insecurity

The Centers for Disease Control have been trying to find people who sat on a couple of flights taken by a man who has a resistant form of tuberculosis. The man's name was put on the Department of Homeland Security's no-fly list, yet he got through airports with nary a problem. Can anyone give me an example of the no-fly list actually working? I've heard of all the innocent people put on the list by mistake, plus this newest incident of a person on the list who wasn't caught, but I've not ever heard of the list catching someone who is a terrorist or other threat.

Addendum (May 31, 2007): Surely you've heard by now that the TB guy's father-in-law works for the CDC studying, get this, TUBERCULOSIS! A fiction writer could not have written this situation into a novel without being laughed at for its unbelievability. What are the chances this is sheer irony and TB guy never had any contact ever with the TB lab? And, yes, TB guy has a name. It's Andrew Speaker.

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