Thursday, May 31, 2007


No Peeking

So, I got a flat tire this past weekend. Not unexpected, really. It was the only tire we hadn't replaced in the last year or so and I kept having to fill it with air (as opposed to oatmeal, I suppose). My husband kindly took the rim into our local repair place and we waited a couple of days for the appropriate tire to come in. This afternoon, I drove the car to the shop and left it so the tire could be attached. When I picked up the car, I immediately checked the sound system. I had made note of where I had left off on my CD before dropping off the car and wanted to see if the repairman had turned it on while he had it. I automatically switched on my CD and didn't hear anything. That should've been my first clue. The sound had been turned down. When I turned it up, the song playing was two songs previous to the one I had left it on.

I felt like someone had been visiting my house, asked to use the bathroom, and while there, had searched through my medicine cabinet. My medicine cabinet, by the way, is quite boring. Lots of vitamins & supplements, an old prescription for Vicadin from when I had my root canal (I took one, maybe two, and hated the way it made me feel), deodorant, shaving cream, mouth guards (also from the root canal), not much else.

The CD I had on in the car was Dave Matthews Band's "Busted Stuff." I wonder if the repairman liked it, or maybe thought I had simpy taste in music. He did turn it down. At least he didn't switch disks.

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