Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Music Tests

Not sure how I first found these tests, but they are quite challenging. Tonometric, a website created by Jake Mandell, features three tests to check your musical abilities. There's an Adaptive Pitch test, a Rhythm test and a Tonedeaf test. In the Adaptive Pitch test, you are allowed to replay the pitches, which I didn't realize the first time I took it. The Rhythm test is not about finding duplicate grooves, but about listening for exact rhythms - each crash of the cymbal, each tap of the bass drum, etc. It also allows for replays, but only so many per test. Both of these are things I wish I had known before starting the test. The Tonedeaf test does not allow for any replays, so you've got to listen carefully the first time. I didn't do so well on the Rhythm and Adaptive Pitch tests the first time through. Eventually, I'll get around to retaking them and see if I can improve my scores.

Good luck on the challenge, Musical Grasshoppers!

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