Saturday, April 28, 2007


About Yesterday's Post

Been thinking about yesterday's post, rolling it around in my mind, developing a theory that makes me sound not quite so mean. Here's what I've come up with . . . reading trash talk about Dave Matthews Band is humbling, especially if you're an empath. It's like this. If a hugely popular, incredibly talented band can have detractors, then so can any artist, writer, musician, creator . . . literally anyone with a viewpoint. That means that no matter what I write, someone out there is going to hate it. You could probably graph the love/hate relationship of an author on a bell curve. You'll have a small percentage of people who love your work, and a small percentage of people who really hate it. Everyone else is in the middle - those who like it a little, those who dislike it a little, and then there are all those people smack in the center who are completely indifferent to your work. They could care less. Hmm. At least those who hate it are having a reaction, right?

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