Friday, March 16, 2007


Wearing o' the Green

I rather envy those people who can keep holy the minor holidays. Of course, we are on the cusp of St. Patty's Day, when the wearing o' the green is the scene of the day and the beer flows in rivers - it's got to be green, too. By no stretch of the imagination does the holiday belong to me. I'm not Irish. I don't have red hair or a bad temper and, sin o' all sins, I don't drink. I can't even manage a passable Irish brogue. I'm not much for minor holidays, period, no matter what ethnicity they celebrate. What I'll probably do with the day is start another story, clean the bathrooms (Eyew!), and do some laundry - including washing the sheets. Oh, Happy Clean Sheet Day! Now, there's a holiday worth celebrating.

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