Thursday, March 08, 2007


Say hello to Mrs. Grass

I'm going to try not to breathe on anyone here. Illness has descended upon the household. Some cold-y, flu-y thing. Cough, cough, we've got the consumption - argh! Hubby and Young Son #2 caught it first. Now it's my turn. We're drowning ourselves in tea - Yogi Tea, Cold Season is the favorite, along with ginger ale, and we're taking Vitamin C. We've become best friends with Mrs. Grass soup. Mmm, mmm. Gotta love that Mrs. Grass. Not sure where the name comes from, but the little, straight noodles could, if you peer cross-eyed at them, look like yellow grass. Oh, and there's the Golden Nugget, which I think is no more than a globette of fat fancied up. When I open a box of Mrs. Grass and see the Golden Nugget, I want to run around shouting, "I found the Golden Nugget!" much like Charlie and friends do with the Golden Ticket in Willie Wonka.

I stayed home from work today and lounged around in bed, alternating between reading Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys (woohoo! magical thinking!) and napping. The day simply flew by in our convalescence. I'm hoping this doesn't last long.

What sorts of things make you feel better when you're suffering from illness?

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