Tuesday, March 13, 2007



Puddles, puddles, everywhere! It's been almost 60 degrees Fahrenheit in Minnesota these past two days. The snow that recently dumped upon us is rapidly disappearing. I write a lot about Minnesota's weather. That's because Minnesotan's live and die by their weather. It's so drastic that it affects everything we do. Spring is fun here because the cold weather gives way to warm. There can be a 40 or 50 degree range from one day to the next. When it reaches 50 degrees, you'll see Minnesotans stripping off the layers - many are out and about in shirt sleeves as though it was 90 degrees. The walkers are out, the kids are out, everyone who can be is out. We take advantage of our nice weather because we know it's not always so. It'll be cold again by the end of the week. 'Til then, we'll enjoy.

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