Friday, March 09, 2007


House of Cards

I was thinking more about magical thinking and selective belief, specifically in relation to The Lost Tomb of Jesus and the Christians who don't believe that the bones discovered could possibly belong to Jesus, as he ascended into heaven body and all. Whether these particular bones belong to Jesus or not, what would happen if his bones were found and they were proven to be his bones beyond any shadow of doubt? Would Christians believe then? Is the ascension the basis of their faith to such an extent that if Jesus' bones were found, their faith would fall like a house of cards? What if the Virgin birth was found not to be a virgin birth? What if he didn't divide the fishes and loaves or cure everyone he is supposed to have cured? How much of Christian faith is based on these things and how much is based on the fact that Jesus was obviously an incredible person? Are the miracles surrounding Jesus the reason he was an incredible person, or was he deep down just a good person? Would Jesus still have been Jesus without the miracles? Hmmm.

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