Tuesday, March 20, 2007


65 - 67 Percent Disapproval

Have you noticed the ad nauseum posting of the President's approval rating? I swear every two days that thing is flashed on the screen and we are reminded that somewhere between 33 and 35 percent of Americans approve of what the President is doing. What I'm wondering is who are these people? Either they are folks who simply aren't paying any attention, or they're folks who are getting something out of the party in power. Another option is that they actually like corruption. That's one third of the country just going along with some really vile government activities.

Instead of concentrating on those who agree with the President and his cronies, how about we report the President's disapproval rating? Between 65 and 67 percent of Americans have had enough of this administration. By George, that's a majority! Why can't we get this administration out of office, or at the very least, hold them accountable for their actions? I, for one, would like to see not only Karl Rove and Harriet Myers subpoenaed, but the President and Vice President, too.

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