Thursday, February 22, 2007


Fortune Cookie Fortunes

I collect fortune cookie fortunes. Like most fortune telling methods, fortune cookie fortunes are what you make of them. My penchant for fortune cookie fortunes comes from an assignment I got in a college art class. The professor had a collection of fortunes and had each student pick one. The assignment was to take our fortune and illustrate it as a self-portrait. My fortune, which I still have almost twenty years later, was "Your everlasting patience will be rewarded sooner or later." I threw a towel over my head and drew myself as a wry-looking Virgin Mary, which is who I was named for. I did the drawing in chalk pastels, a medium I love using, but it's difficult to store over the long haul. I liked how it turned out - it was a pretty convincing rendition of me - but the thing was huge and I couldn't afford to frame it. I kept it under the bed as long as I could and then finally trashed it. Bummer. At least I still have the fortune, plus a burgeoning collection of fortunes I've gathered over the years. Along with inspiration for art pieces, they also make great writing prompts. For the creatives out there reading this, here's one for you to use as you will:

The best men are molded of their faults.

The fortune comes with lucky numbers, too: 20, 25, 37, 41, 9, 44.

If you choose to create something with the fortune, feel free to share, either by emailing me or leaving a comment.

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