Sunday, February 25, 2007



About fourteen inches of snow later - with a few more inches expected tonight - and this morning it was time for Minnesotans to clean up. The plows were out. The husband shoveled. The neighbors shoveled. I got in the car to retrieve our boys from sleepovers and got stuck. Help was immediately on the way. When I drove around, being careful to avoid plow debris, there were people out everywhere, shoveling and snowblowing and plowing. I never see so many people on the street and in their yards as when there has been a massive snowstorm. And everyone is so helpful. Our boys helped shovel out a couple of sidewalks; our daughter plans to do the same this afternoon. There's still the car to clean off and shovel out in the backyard, which I'll be doing momentarily.

All this work, and the fluffy white stuff is simply beautiful. Ahhh.

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