Monday, January 08, 2007


Knitting a Hat

I was so busy cleaning the bedroom yesterday, and thinking about cleaning the bedroom when I posted, that I forgot to mention that I successfully finished knitting the hat I started a week or so ago. The double-pointed needles were a little difficult to get used to - too many points flying around - until I decided to cap the ones I wasn't working with. My daughter was hankering to start a hat on the circular needles I was using, so I had to finish up lickety split. Last night, after the cleaning streak, I sat down and started the hat my daughter wants to knit. Her cast-on stitches are a little tight and establishing the pattern in the first couple of rows can be a bear, so she asked me to get her going. I'm feeling so confident now that I bought yarn to make fingerless gloves. Obviously, I'm not so confident that I'm willing to attempt gloves with fingers yet. No sense in getting silly about it.

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