Sunday, January 07, 2007


Cleaning the Bedroom

My husband has been sneezing a lot when he wakes up, so I decided to do a thorough cleaning of the bedroom today. Not just a sweep around the major pieces of furniture, but a complete dusting of the furniture, plus moving it to vacuum underneath it. In the end, we reorganized some things, moving a piece of furniture out & another one in. The massive overhaul. It took most of the day.

When I'm cleaning, I go into exactly the same zone as when I'm writing or creating art. Is there a cleaning muse out there, just waiting for us to get to work? Actually, it's not so much the cleaning that hooks me as it is the reorganization of things. What goes here, what goes there, move it, move it, move it. Rearranging my books is my favorite reorganization task. Fruit basket upset, followed by the resulting tidiness is just the ticket sometimes. I'm sure a feng shui expert would agree.

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