Thursday, December 28, 2006


Lovely Time

I had a lovely time over the holidays. Lots of food, including Swedish meatballs and lefse, and lots of visiting with family. Holidays are great for taking you out of your routine. I've had some difficulty keeping up with the blog and I haven't gotten much chance to work on my fiction writing. Normally, I set aside Mondays for that, but both Christmas and New Year's are on Mondays this year, so I've been scribbling a few sentences on my current story during my lunch time at work. Two or three sentences at a time and I feel I'm making some headway. I've been handwriting those two or three sentences, which is not my usual modus operandi. Actually, it IS my modus operandi for when I'm stuck in my writing. When my writing is spurting out of me like hot lava, then I work at the computer, because I can type faster than I can handwrite. It's also easier to read. When I'm absolutely stuck, I can't stare at the screen. Paper and pen become my jumper cables. Once the battery is started (after a paragraph or two), I type what I've got onto the computer and I'm off and running again.

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