Saturday, December 09, 2006


Landfill Idea

Had to take a trip to the landfill this morning to get rid of recyclables. We're having a warm day for December in Minnesota, so it was not an uncomfortable trip. We also had to dump an old piece of carpeting. To do so, we had to drive on a scale before dumping & then again after dumping, which determines the cost of the load. When we finished, as we were driving away from the landfill, my hubby shared his idea - which is more of a thought experiment, because he would never really do this. He said he'd like to go to the landfill with a light load, dump the light load and then pick something out of the garbage bins that was heavier than what we had dumped and put it into our vehicle. He wondered if, once we drove over the scale and the landfill employees saw that we weighed more upon leaving, they'd have to pay US for dumping our load. Welcome to the land of my hubby's mind.

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