Thursday, December 14, 2006


Glutton for Punishment

Why is it that when I finish a massive project, something that I'm quite proud of having gotten through, I don't bask in the glory of my achievement for a couple of days? Nooooo. I have to share my accomplishment right away and start asking for feedback. Is it good enough? Looking for approval. And, of course, I frost the frog and concentrate on the "this part is not quite right" part of the critique, because there is ALWAYS a "this part is not quite right" critique. You'd think I was a glutton for punishment, and maybe I am. Maybe I don't want to get a fat head, so I've got to have someone burst my bubble immediately. I do want to do things right, but what is right? And, can't I have my very own creation be right for a few days just as it is before others add their two-cents?

Does sharing one's creations with the world ever get any easier?

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