Sunday, December 24, 2006


Feeling Prosperous

Here it is, the eve of Christmas, and I've been thinking of things that make me feel prosperous. All in all, they're pretty simple things, and the list seems to grow every time I turn around. Here goes . . .

1. Having a book of stamps.
2. A full tank of gas.
3. High-speed internet.
4. A few dollars in my wallet.
5. A stack of library books beside the bed.
6. Buying double of something I already have at home without realizing it. (Laundry soap, peanut butter, etc.)
7. Twenty dollars in the checkbook by the time the next payday comes around.
8. Owning a big, hardcover dictionary. (Oh! All the potential in those words!)
9. A blank notebook. (Also for the potential.)
10. My collection of CDs.
11. My collection of books.
12. A fabulous meal with the family.
13. Giving something away - be it money or stuff.
14. A full pantry and fridge.
15. Clean Sheet Day.
16. Paying off a credit card or loan.
17. A dozen rolls of toilet paper in the house.
18. A new pair of shoes. (I don't own many pairs & I tend to wear them 'til they fall off my feet.)
19. Socks without holes.
20. Paying for a major purchase outright, instead of buying it on time.
21. Having plenty of supplies for my fiber arts activities.
22. Being able to buy a small something on a whim.
23. Being able to pay bills with no worries about juggling money.
24. Buying gifts when it's not a gift-giving holiday.
25. Having family and friends who love me and accept me for who I am.

Were that everyone felt so prosperous. Happy Holidays!

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