Wednesday, November 08, 2006



My husband stopped by a place today to pick up an application for a very part-time baker position. Upon asking the store owner for an app, he was told that she'd received too many applications already and didn't give him one. My husband picked up a funny vibe from her, like she was rejecting him for more than just "too many applications," so he suggested I stop in and ask for an app just to see what response I got.

I felt like an undercover reporter, only I didn't have a hidden camera.

I asked for an app and was told the same thing my hubby was told at first, but then the owner launched into an explanation of why she was looking for a baker and the type of baked goods she wanted. She then invited me to bring some samples in to try. I said I'd consider it and thanked her for her time.


I wish we had both gone in with hidden cameras.

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