Thursday, November 23, 2006


Turkey Day

Happy Turkey Day to those of you who eat turkey. I for one will be enjoying ham, chicken, my husband's killer stuffing, and cheese cake a little later today at my in-laws' house. The family does this get-together every year and we all bring a little something, so that one person doesn't have to do everything. Normally, we supply the turkey along with the stuffing (really - the stuffing is to die for), but this year we're forgoing the big bird. I love ham and chicken, but what would make this a heavenly meal is the addition of Swedish meatballs & lefse with lots of butter along with the stuffing and cheese cake. A little fruit soup, some whipped smooth buttery squash, and apple pie with a giant mound of whipped cream would top it all off. Hey, if we can have two meats during the Thanksgiving meal, surely we can get away with two desserts. Man, I'm getting hungry.

Happy (insert whatever you love to eat) Day! Enjoy!

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