Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Indoor Marching Band Concert

Nothing beats live music well played. We attended our daughter's indoor marching band concert last night. It was high-energy, beautifully executed, and fabulous. Three groups of band kids, the seniors, the flag girls, and the drummers, created videos about their band experiences - mostly in order to pick on the band teacher, who took it all with good humor. These high schoolers went to a lot of effort to put together the videos. The drummers even got the cooperation of the local police and the sheriff's department for their video. Unfortunately, they didn't catch the typo in their video - "drumers" instead of "drummers." They more than made up for the missing "m" with their playing. The precision thumping they displayed, along with the zany antics, makes me want to take up the drums.

Here's the crazy thing about the music played. Much of it was the sort of stuff we got criticized for listening to when we were high schoolers and younger. The line up included Dirty Laundry, Spirit in the Sky, Any Way You Want It, You Shook Me All Night Long, and Alice Cooper's School's Out. Alice Cooper? Shock rocker Alice Cooper? No way the band would ever have played that song twenty-plus years ago. Thing is, if a marching band HAD played it twenty-plus years ago without saying it was by Alice Cooper, it would have passed as a much-lauded orchestral piece, the kind of stuff our parents would have liked.

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