Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Finishing a Project

Monday, I blogged. Then I spent the rest of the day working on a short story that I started waaaaay back in April. It turned into a 10,000 word behemoth of a short story. I like to have a basic idea of where my stories are going and a solid understanding of the characters I write, but I always leave wiggle room for the unexpected. This story delivered the unexpected in the shape of a plot hole that I had to work around - well, not a plot hole, exactly - more of a problem the character encountered that sidelined both her and me. If you decide to follow the rules of real life in a story, as I was with this story, you have to find a real life solution. I had my thinking cap on for days, but didn't come up with the final solution until I sat down in front of the computer and literally saw it at my desk.

Now that this story, which is part of a larger work, is done, I'm shopping it around to my writer friends for feedback. This is the delicate blue eggshell part of the process. Are they gonna like it? Are they gonna hate it? Or, the most likely scenario, will they be okay with it, but suggest that it still needs work? We'll see . . . .

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