Saturday, November 18, 2006


Asylum for the Brutalized

I've found several articles recently on the brutalization of women by men.

Here's one on Afghan women who commit suicide by pouring kerosene on themselves and lighting it on fire because they are stuck in horrendous arranged marriages.

Here's one on the hanging of an Iranian teenager after the "moral police" decided she was an adulterer. She wasn't married.

And this one is by far the most graphic of articles. It's about Congolese women with fistulas. Fistulas are major injuries to a woman's sex organs that cause her to leak matter out of her intestines and bladder. Mere rape will not cause this. These are carefully inflicted violent injuries that are calculated to allow the woman to survive, but to be a pariah wherever she goes.

I cannot describe to you how sick these atrocities make me feel. I would love to get beyond men vs. women issues in society, but we will never come to that place as long as men can do these sorts of things to women and not pay for it in some way. And I mean seriously pay.

So, here's my idea. For every country that allows its men to brutalize women without consequence, asylum should be offered to the women. They will be removed from the country and the men can stay behind and slaughter each other. For good measure, the children will be removed as well. No sense leaving them behind to grow up to learn to brutalize. Think about it. No women or children in Congo, or Afghanastan, or Iran. How long would the men last without someone to pick on? Once they've finished killing each other, we can offer them a Darwin Award.

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