Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Ergonomic Mice

When I used the term "ergonomic mice" with my husband, he looked askance at me. Seemed like a perfectly normal pairing of words to me. Especially considering this case of mouser shoulder I've been experiencing. "Mouser shoulder" - I coined the term recently to describe the pain in my shoulder and neck from over using a computer mouse. Only, it turns out that I didn't really coin it. I googled the term "mouser shoulder" and "mouser's shoulder" and came up with five hits, about three of which were actually relevant. Which just goes to show, if you think of something you consider to be truly original, odds are someone else beat you to it.

Anyway, I'm wondering how prevelant mouser shoulder is going to become given the amount of time kids now spend on the computer. I'm trying to find ways to alleviate the problem before it becomes permanent. Ergonomic mice, neck and shoulder braces, chiropractic treatments, and repositioning the mouse (left-hand use, lower the position) are possible solutions. In hopes of keeping the shoulders of my kids, along with the shoulders of kids around the world, from suffering the dreaded ache of mouser shoulder, here are some sites that might help. (Did you know they make mice that are foot operated? They're about $200. Go ahead! Squish that mouse!)

Ergonomic mice from ErgonomicResource.com

Ergonomic mice from Fentek Industries, Inc.

Clavicle support from SeniorShops.com (This was the least expensive shoulder brace I could find. The others appear to be for heavy-duty physical therapy and run between $50-$100.)

Neck collars and braces from PainReliever.com

Happy mousing!

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