Saturday, September 16, 2006


Tricky Dick

What would happen if Deep Throat, the Watergate informant, was actually two fifteen-year-old girls? The movie Dick deals with just that premise. I've caught it a couple of times on Comedy Central. It's brilliant. The teenage girls, Betsy and Arlene, are played by Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams. They spend gobs of time squealing and their wardrobe is to die for. Deborah Everton, the costume designer for the movie, should've won an award.

Betsy and Arlene unwittingly find themselves at the center of Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal. They manage to become the President's dog walkers and get themselves in deeper. Arlene eventually falls for Dick, plastering her bedroom walls with his photos as though he's a rock star. Supremely cute.

The movie was released in 1999, but I don't remember seeing any previews for it. It pays to revisit our culture's past creative products. We can't catch them all the first time around.

By the way, according to the Washington Post, the real Deep Throat wasn't two teenage girls. It was W. Mark Felt, the number 2 man in the FBI. I bet he never walked the President's dog.

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