Saturday, September 09, 2006



How is it that succeeding at something so small can feel so good? Yes, it was an exuberant color issue. The tagline color was identical to the background. I'm going to keep messing with that tagline until I get something I like. From "The building blocks of Creativity" to "Better than Neezuls". Hey, it's a start.

I got permission from Seth Godin, marketing guru and Creative God, to link to his blog. Really interesting stuff there. I'm absolutely fascinated by marketers, who tend to be fanatical trend watchers, another of my interests. Really, if Mr. Godin wanted the job of President and decided to work for world peace, I think he'd have us all holding hands, wearing flower wreaths in our hair, and singing ala the old Coke commercial. He's that persuasive. Honestly.

In the process of starting my blog, I talked to my niece, who had already started her own blog on Blogger, but wasn't posting anything. She felt inspired after our conversation and made a post. You go girl!

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