Saturday, September 23, 2006


Rocket Science & Brain Surgeons

Okay, I simply can't pass this up. Ever since I mentioned rocket science in my post on How to Stop a Terrorist, and then again in my Rocket Science post about how the shuttle is stopped, I swear I've heard the term rocket science used at least a half-dozen times - all in the manner of how difficult something is to do in comparison to rocket science. The other term people use to indicate the difficulty of a job is to compare it to brain surgery.

I was on Seth Godin's blog (where else?) and he linked to The 8 Free Things Every Site Should Do. One of those things was to sign up with Digg, so I went over to Digg to see what the site does and found an article that has me in stitches. It's called Rocket Scientists Not As Smart As Originally Thought. Guess who did the research that came to this grand conclusion? The American Association of Brain Surgeons!

The article reads as though it was taken directly from the pages of The Onion. It was written by humorist Andy Borowitz, so it's obviously a spoof, but what a good one.

Frankly, instead of building up the egos of the rocket scientists and the brain surgeons, I think we should start comparing the difficulty of things to the Dirty Jobs Mike Rowe brings attention to on the Discovery Channel. How many brain surgeons and rocket scientists would be willing to do these essential dirty jobs?

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