Monday, September 18, 2006



Seth Godin talks about newbies to the blogging world in his post "in the middle, Starting." He indicates that we simply can't catch everybody up if they find us somewhere down the line, long after we've started our blogs. I agree with this sentiment to a point. However, newbies are a market unto themselves, and as such, someone can rush in and work to get them up to speed. We can't completely ignore them and hope they'll eventually catch on. That's a recipe for losing customers.

The blog aggregator PubSub lost me this way. Their interface wasn't working for me. It wasn't intuitive like Technorati. I emailed for help and was ignored. I complained, but was again ignored. Lesson? Don't use PubSub. They don't listen to newbies. Lesson for PubSub? You're losing customers and don't even know it. That, and now I'm badmouthing you. Double bad. (Notice the link to Technorati? I'm not going to bother to link to PubSub.)

Incidentally, Mr. Godin kindly assists newbies with his post What's a trackback?

Way to go.

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