Monday, September 11, 2006


Forever Behind

On Seth Godin's blog today, he listed percentages of people who aren't functioning to full digital capacity - who doesn't have a blog, who doesn't have an iPod, who doesn't have internet access, etc. I may now have a blog. My daughter has an iPod and digital camera. We have a wireless router and two computers. At work I'm constructing a website. I read Wired Magazine faithfully. For all of that, I perpetually feel behind on the technology front. It's enough to give me a complex. Will I ever catch up? Probably not. The cogs and gears and cookies and packets keep moving. They're relentless. The question becomes: How does one know when to adopt a new technology? Followed by: When does the benefit of adopting a technology outstrip the learning curve it takes to adopt it? Answers anyone?

By the way, I'm a Museum Manager by profession. We still believe that paper is the best technology around. It needs no machine to read it and never goes obsolete.

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